Residential Property

Selling your property

At Kale & Co we have many years of expertise in dealing with the sale of residential property. We strive to take out the stress normally associated with selling your home and with our experienced background in this area our team of experts will effectively manage your house selling process.

Additionally, we can arrange for the preparation of your compulsory Home Information Pack which fast tracks the house selling process for our clients.


Purchasing a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. This presents certain challenges and can be a very strenuous time for the purchaser. Our team is equipped to manage effectively the whole house purchasing process. We will ensure that you are able to move into your new home in the shortest time possible.


At Kale & Co we understand that home owners at some point after purchasing a home will source a more competitive mortgage deal as better and more competitive deals are placed on the market. The legal process need not be complicated and burdensome and our team will manage this process and ensure that your remortgaging is dealt with in a professional and reliable manner while being cost effective at the same time.

Council House – Right to Buy

Secured tenants of all Local Authorities and assured tenants of Housing Associations wishing to exercise their Right to Buy the home they live in will need an experienced team to help them in exercising the Right to Buy. Our team will be able to assist you in ensuring that the process is seamless and ensure that you will become a property owner in the shortest possible time.

Housing Association – Right to Acquire

Tenants of Housing Associations living in homes acquired/built with the use of public funds may be able to purchase that property with a significant discount to the tenant. Our property department will be able to assist you in this process in helping you owning to home you have become accustom.

Shared Ownership Leases

There are always new and innovative ways to encourage individual’s especially first time home buyers to get on the property ladder. Shared Ownership is one such affordable way of owning your own home. Normally you will need to purchase at least 25% and a maximum initially of 75%. The purchaser will pay rent on the portion of the property not owned but will have the option to increase their ownership in the property up to complete ownership. Our team of experts will ensure that entering such schemes will be a smooth process and the purchase done efficiently.

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