Children Matters

At Kale and Co we aim to resolve children matters as amicably as possible, attempting to remove some of the stress involved. We encourage negotiation and mediation as a means of settling matters.

If the issues cannot be resolved, and an application has to be made to Court, the Court considers what is in the best interests of the child. The orders which can be applied for include:

  • Residence orders – determines who the child lives with.
  • Contact orders – determine how much contact the child has with the person applying for contact.
  • Prohibited Steps Order – an order preventing something from happening, for example an order to prevent one parent removing the child from the jurisdiction.
  • Specific Issue Order – an order dealing with a certain issue that has arisen, for example, a dispute as to which school a child should go to.
  • Parental Responsibility Order – an order giving unmarried fathers legal rights over their children.

Dependant on your particular situation, we will advise you on the most appropriate application to make, will prepare all necessary paperwork and ensure you are represented at the various hearings.

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